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Twilight: 2000 v2.2 PreGen "The Engineer"

The Twilight War’s version of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tropic Thunder character, perhaps lacking the controversial pigmentation alteration, but channelling Old Man Henderson, and never without an obligatory half-chewed cigar. 

Sgt. Jack "Jarkman" deVries, 37-year-old Male American explosives specialist


STR 7 CON 10 AGL 6 EDU 4 CHA 2 INT 4
Age: 37, Weight: 84kg Load: 51kg Rads: 40


Init: 5 Melee: 4 Throw: 28 m
Head: 20 Chest: 51 Abdo: 34
R Arm: 34 L Arm: 34 R Leg: 34 L Leg: 34


STR Armed Martial Arts 0 / 7
STR Autogun 0 / 7
STR Grenade Launcher 5 / 12 (Experienced)
STR Small Arms: Rifle 6 / 13 (Veteran)
STR Small Arms: Pistol 1 / 8
STR Thrown Weapon 4 / 11
STR Unarmed Martial Arts 6 / 13 (Veteran)

CON Combat Engineer 2 / 12 (Experienced)
CON Riding 4 / 14 (Veteran)
CON Swimming 2 / 12

AGL Ground Vehicle: Wheeled 2 / 8
AGL Intrusion 4 / 10
AGL Tac Missile 0 / 6

CHA English 10 / 12 (Experienced)

INT Survival 2 / 6

EDU Construction 1 / 5
EDU Excavation 1 / 5


Allowance: $15k spent
Gold Pieces: $2465

Basic Load (US): US army fatigues, pack, shelter half, gas mask, combat webbing (ALICE); sleeping bag, flashlight, personal medical kit, thermal US army fatigues –15kg

Armor: Kevlar helmet & Kevlar vest

Weapon: Semi-automatic shotgun with modified M203 fitted beneath

  • 6 x 12 gauge magazines (7 brass rounds each) + 180 loose 12 gauge brass rounds
  • 12 40mm HE grenades / 4 40mm ILLUM grenades / 4 40mm CHEM grenades


6 frag grenades
2 HC smoke grenades
4 irritant gas grenades

0.5km Hand radio
Lockpick tools
4x binoculars

Pack Mule, “Annie” with Cart

Hits: 40 Meat: 70 kg
Tr Mov: 20/20 (Cart 5) Com Mov: 10/20 (Cart 2)/40 (Cart na)
Feed: 10kg + graze Load: 80kg + 0.5 ton Weight: 300kg + 0.25 ton

Packsaddle, horse tack

10kg MRE food
70kg wild food

1 case 12 gauge (240 brass rounds)

1 case 40mm HE grenades (60 grenades left)
1 case 40mm CHEM grenades (40 grenades left)
1 case 40mm ILLUM grenades (40 grenades left)

1 case frag grenades (30 grenades)
1 case HC smoke grenades (16 grenades)
1 case irritant gas grenades (12 grenades left)

60mm Mortar disassembled into 3 sections
  • 12 60mm HE mortar rounds
  • 12 60mm ILLUM mortar rounds
  • 12 60mm WP mortar rounds

Engineer’s Demolitions Kit
  • 1 case of dynamite (100 sticks)
  • 1 case of plastic explosive (20 blocks)
  • 1 case of 2 anti-tank mines
  • 1 case of 6 directional mines

Design Notes

Concept: a cranky bastard that blows things up a lot. Simple.

Background: I always create a variant of Jarkman for every game system, partly out of nostalgia but also to familiarise myself with the mechanics of character creation. I try to avoid the whole "Mary Sue" trap, but this build is perhaps less a template than an incarnation of one of my own characters, so apologies. One of his recurring characteristics is he has a stubborn mule companion or equivalent - the original Jarkman was actually created as a 3E Planescape harquebuser "muleteer" and was to have a pack diakka instead of a mule, but the concept has become tightly linked to the character.
Role: shotguns, grenades, demolitions and (indirect) fire support with mortars as required (but requires a separate forward observer). There’s nothing particularly subtle about his role but essentially his speciality is breaking up groups or tactically altering the battlefield with grenades or mortar fire. A secondary (close-combat) fighter, his support roles include lock-picking, animal care and even as a somewhat poor backup driver.

See also Challenge #34 article "Mobile Artillery - Mortars", p6-7 (available on the FFE T2k v1.0 CD-ROM).

  • “B-Troop” Variant: minimal changes required other than cosmetic or flavour, this build can be shifted to Dutch, German or another allied nationality with minimal change except for changing the default languages and personal weapon. Lose the basic US skills (Armed Martial Arts 0 and Tac Missile 0).
  • Forger: adding Forgery 2 requires a drop to Intrusion 2 and adds some low-level criminal versatility but suffers due to low INT unless flipped with AGL which isn't recommended. Rebuilding as a criminal specialist would be a more preferable option.
  • Sneakier: a sneakier version with better proficiency with his mandatory hatchet would require refocusing on Ranger terms to gain Armed Martial Arts and he is technically eligible. This would increase his stealth and close-combat ability but at the expense of demolitions and grenade skills - he’s cunning to be sure but a sneaky type is just not really the loudmouthed character I've always envisaged.

Method: 32 point allocation, Init rolled as 4 +1 for Criminal; Rads rolled a 4; -1 AGL due to age
Background:  Riding x2, Small Arms, Unarmed Martial Arts
4 Terms: 2 x Criminal (no prison); 1 Enlisted Infantry, Combat Engineer
War Term: Combat Engineer (2x skills)
Secondary Activities: STR+1, Swimming, Survival 2
Promotions: 5th (Sergeant, Combat Engineer)
Contacts: 2 criminal (1 foreign), 2 military, 1 specialist (Combat Engineer)

Equipment: Semiautomatic shotgun as a personal weapon with custom fitted M203 beneath and a hatchet instead of a bayonet.

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