Sunday, October 17, 2021

I'm Still On My Own? Viva La Apocalypse while awaiting my copy of T2k v4.0

The Wasteland of 2022?
Art from Free League (promotional images)

It's been a while since I posted anything T2k related, but this post acts as a partial explanation and has some hints about the future of this blog with the release of the 4th edition. I don't usually seek comments, but given the circumstances, I'd welcome opinions on my intentions from the community!

My current mood for lockdown in Fortress Oz... 

Well not quite perhaps, but down here in Australia shipping is often delayed significantly, so it's unlikely I'll see my Kickstarter T2k v4 boxed set anytime soon sadly. As much as I appreciate the PDFs (alpha and beta), for something like this I feel I need to have the physical product to immerse myself in to study and work through - so I'll keep waiting for now patiently.

The pandemic has caught all of us up in different ways so it's been a while since I've looked at any of the T2k material I've created and written about on this blog. I was surprised when I came back after about a year to post a player summary for my current 5E group about the Iron Kingdoms, to see that this site has been accessed a *lot* more times than I expected, more than my other RPG blog

So I may have felt like I was still on my own down here in the antipodes, but it was a welcome surprise to find that in March this year, my site has become wildly more popular than previously, with particular popularity in July and August as well which is unprecedented.

Thank you all for your interest in my humble little blog of rantings!

I must say I'm a bit lost as to why as I've been so caught up with life and work that I hadn't been following along with the community much and seem to have missed something... so I had a look at the Top 10 posts accessed in the last 6 months to get some idea of where the interest lay:

Top 10 Posts April to October 2021

So it seems pretty clear, with 7/10 of the top posts directly T2k related, that the interest is likely related to the recent launch of the 4th edition and perhaps people's reactions to (or against that). I'm quite proud of some of the articles in this list, so good to see people are finding them useful.

I am however curious why they are being accessed - whether they are being accessed for use in the new 4th edition or rather being used to support people playing the earlier editions. As noted above, leave a comment on what you have found useful and preferably why. Also if you have any ideas to shed on the site's sudden popularity I'd appreciate it.

As to the other three posts:

So when I do get my boxed set, I'll be returning to revise and expand on my existing T2k articles.

I'll compare the v2.2 mechanics of my older articles and the new 4th edition mechanical interpretations of the setting: character generation, iconic pre-generated NPCs, the Polish campaign and hex maps, trains, cavalry, and of course TOTs. OK maybe some new articles as well, eh? 

Should be fun, I'm looking forward to it.

Tu N'es Pas Tout Seul... Merci!

Oh last, but definitely not least comment. 

Thank you to all you viewers in France.!

Whoever you are and regardless of why because this was a very unexpected audience metric.

It seems this blog is now significantly more accessed from France than elsewhere by almost an order of magnitude. I really don't understand why to be honest, but although I can understand the content being popular in North America and also Sweden, I'm not quite sure what the "French Connection" is exactly as nothing is in French (my schoolboy French is terrible, Google Translate to the rescue) and nothing on this blog is set in France, unlike my other blog

I'm not aware of French VPNs being suddenly popular either.

6 months of Audience by Origin

So I guess it's Viva La Apocalypse! 

Au revoir.